How to paint a Radiator


Contrary to what a lot of people think, one doesn’t need to use a special paint for radiators – most paint that is designed for woodwork (such as gloss, satin or eggshell) should be fine to use. The only paint that is not recommended is emulsion paint. ]

If your radiator has previously been hand painted, then give it a light sand with some fine sandpaper, remove all dust and then apply a good quality undercoat (either water-based or oil-based).]

If your radiator has a factory finish, then carry out the following steps:
1.Sand the radiator with a fine sandpaper (P120 grade) and dust off.
2. Wet the radiator with a brush or cloth and while it is wet, sand with ‘wet and dry’ sandpaper (P180 grade). This will help to remove the sheen from the factory applied coating.
3. Wash down the radiator to remove all dust and grime.
4. Apply an adhesion primer. I would recommend Zinsser 123 in this situation. It adheres well and as it is water-based you can then paint over it with water-based or oil-based paints afterwards.


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