Farrow and Ball 'Down Pipe' and 'Pink Ground'

Redecoration of a Victorian house in Bath

The popularity of Farrow and Ball paint continues to grow and while in the past many decorators were reluctant to use it because of poor coverage, this issue seems to have been addressed recently. On the last couple of occasions that I have used it, the coverage of the emulsion has been on par with other brands. What cannot be denied is that they have a great collection of colours, and while it may be possible to find almost identical colours with other brands such as Dulux who have thousands of colours, other brands are poor at providing decent colour charts which showcase their best colours. There is also something to be said for having a limited colour range as it makes easier to make a decision!

I recently redecorated a terraced Victorian house in Bath. For their front door, I used Farrow and Ball 'Down Pipe'. In the living room, I painted the walls with 'Pink Ground' . The woodwork was already painted with 'DownPipe' and the two colours worked really well together. Here are some photos :





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