Bath Shopfront painted with Crown 'Regency 7' and Dulux 'Egyptian Cotton'


In the Autumn of 2020 we painted the shopfront and shop interior for a brand new business. The Bath Chocolate Company are a local company who make their own chocolate using coco beans which they roast and grind themselves. They have a production room on the first floor of their shop where you can see the chocolate being made and I speak from personal experience when I say that it's worth tasting! Not only were we asked to paint the exterior and interior parts, but we are also asked to chose the colour scheme.

Since the company's logo conjures up old fashioned engraving or the sort of printing achieved using moveable type, I wanted the colour of the shopfront to mimic aged paper but I didn't want something that was too cream. After weighing up various options I chose 'Regency 7' by Crown which is a sort of 'tasteful' beige which also blends in well with the Bath stone next to it. The eggshell finish goes well with the traditional branding of the business and shopfront


For the interior, I chose ‘Egyptian Cotton’ by Dulux, since the hint of grey provides a contemporary feel yet the fact that it is still quite a ‘warm’ colour, with a sort of beige/biscuit/oatmeal hue, means that it is in keeping with the traditional feel of the logo/branding.

I chose a ‘Diamond Matt’ finish for the walls as I thought it was important to have a wipeable finish in this kind of environment and for the woodwork I chose a satin finish. The interior of the building was in quite a bad state and this fact combined with the age of the property meant that there were very few straight lines. By using the same colour on the woodwork and walls helped to hide these imperfections.


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